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It seems that if you are a fan of anime, you prolly decorate everything accordingly.  A few years back, I could barely tell what color my wall was since I had SO much anime merchandise on my walls.  You name it, I had it - wall scrolls, posters, stickers, images printed out from my computer.  Even watches, cards, balloons, and other stuff that didn't belong on a wall.  So recently (yeah, it took me this long) I got to thinking... if MY bedroom looks like it could put an anime retail outlet to shame, what about other people who have my same obsession?

So I figure.. I want to show the world what my room looks like... and I want to see what other fans' rooms look like, from around the anime world.  And then therefore others could see others bedrooms, and so on (if that made any sense).

So, anime-obsessed fans, listen up! If you have a room you'd like to show off, let me know. I'm thinking, minimum 4 pictures, one for each wall, and, well, I don't have a maximum, but I don't need every detail of every corner, either.  Please e-mail them to me (address at bottom of page), and I'll see what I can do about getting them up.



05/31/02:  Website JUST started! My bedroom won't be up for quite a while, but others are welcome! What do you think of this idea anyways? Lemme know!

My e-mail adress is below, just click on the link!  Let me know what you think, ideas, etc.  I'm open, this is a new page afterall ^_^

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